As time passes by, PC Gaming has become better and more complicated with its different gadgets and paraphernalia. PC Video Games have also evolved with sharper and crisper graphics, booming sound effects, unique gameplay, and more.

There are different gaming platforms to try out, but PC gaming remains one of the best ones out there. It still stands out compared to the rest of the platforms that compete in the gaming market. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing games on PC.

Pro: Superb graphics

PC gaming always stands on top of the rest of the platforms with this category: graphics.

The best part of playing on this platform is the ability to push the boundaries of its graphics display. PC players are able to choose different options for graphics optimization.

PC gamers are able to choose the minimum graphics options in order to maximize frame per second (FPS) speeds. They can also opt for the maximum graphics options to maximize the graphical display of the video game, but hopefully their hardware can take up the large load. They can also make their own customizations to find the balance between speed and beautiful graphics display.

Pro: Optimum gaming speed

Another advantage of playing video games on PC is the optimum gaming speeds that players can achieve. Most video games can have speeds up to 60 FPS or even go beyond that, depending on the PC hardware build.

They could upgrade their PC builds with better hardware that could handle heavy graphics loads and processes.

Pro: Cheaper video games

The best advantage of playing video games on PC is the price of buying one: they are cheaper than other platforms. Aside from mobile gaming platforms, PC has the cheapest prices for their video games with their downloadable content (DLC).

PC gamers can purchase these items in digital or physical form, and they are often half the prices of the console versions.

PC games also have a lot of discounts in different gaming store platforms like Steam, Blizzard, or GOG. Most of these stores would hold a lot of discount weeks, free weekends, and big monthly sales on holidays.

There are also other websites that have big discount rates for a good cause like Humble Bundle.

Con: Constant hardware upgrades

One of the issues of playing PC video games is the constant PC hardware upgrades. A lot of gamers want to have the best-looking game on their PC, and they also want constant speeds. To do that, they will have to sacrifice a lot of money and purchase expensive PC hardware for upgrades.

PC building might be fun, but the hardware they purchase is not cheap at all. In order to purchase high-end peripherals and integral hardware, they will have to invest a lot of money. Most of them will not opt for the cheaper versions because they only want high-quality ones for their PC.

Con: Forced upgrades

Another disadvantage of playing video games on PC is being forced to upgrade their hardware. Players who want to experience maximum features of a game from graphics to FPS speeds must upgrade their hardware in order to be compatible. Without that, they will be forced to use the minimum options of the game in order to play it, and they might even suffer slower speeds with it.

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