Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 is one of the big platforms in the gaming market today. A lot of households around the world own the PS4 video game console and a lot of the different video games that can be played on it. Aside from the video games, professional and casual gamers alike want to have different kinds of accessories for it.

Why do gamers like to have different kinds of accessories for the PS4 console? These items enhance the quality of gaming for them like enabling more players, true surround audio, virtual reality gameplay, and much more.

Here are the top five essential PS4 accessories that will certainly enhance your gaming experience.

5. DualShock 4 gaming controllers

The DualShock 4 gaming controllers are one of the necessary accessories for the PS4. One reason is to get one is to enable more players to play with you in your video game. The game console can handle up to four controllers, which allows up to four players in certain video games.

Another reason for having an extra game controller is so you can have a reserve. In case the current controller breaks down, or it needs to be charged, the extra controller can be used right away. Others might just want one for the design and to collect.

4. Charging docks

The official charging docks for the PS4 is another essential accessory to purchase.

It allows gamers to save time in charging their controllers, especially if they have a lot of them. They can charge two controllers in just one go and just wait for them to be fully charged.

This accessory is helpful in times that players are trying to charge two controllers at once. They can use the other extra controllers to continue their gameplay, while the ones with low battery charge can be charged.

3. Audio accessories

Headsets for private audio and communication is also an essential accessory to have for the PS4 console. It allows players to listen to their video games in peace without disturbing their families and neighbors with loud noises. Some headsets have the noise-canceling feature, which is perfect for tuning out the noise outside.

There are also some headsets that allow players to communicate with other players around the world with its microphone. Official headsets allow clear communication through their microphones, which are essential in multiplayer gameplay.

2. External hard drives

The latest PS4 update for its official firmware has allowed the console to enable External Hard Drives to be used as data storage. These are essential accessories to purchase because a lot of PS4 video games take up large amounts of data space. To ease up on the internal hard drive space of the console, the external hard drive can take on the extra data and save files, install game files, and more.

1. PlayStation VR

With its recent introduction on the gaming market, the PlayStation VR headset is the most necessary PS4 accessory to purchase.

It allows players to play virtual reality games that are compatible with the PS4 console. This also enables other types of gameplay for the gamers who wanted another type of game to experience.

The PlayStation VR has gotten a lot of praise since it was first launched. It has also gotten other accessories to heighten the VR gaming experience as well like the Aim Controller. There is also another model of the VR headset coming soon with better features.

Check out the current PlayStation VR trailer here: