News of the latest Black Friday Deals began to emerge as deals from Kohl's were leaked. Shoppers can expect hot deals on the PlayStation 4 and the XBox One S. Other deals have also been leaked and include deals on Apple watches. A new PlayStation 4 bundle was revealed for the UK and included five games. Rumors continue over the release of the PlayStation 5. As long as the PS4 continues to sell at a brisk rate, Sony won't release a new system.

PS4 and XBox One for $150

Forbes reported that a leaked Black Friday ad shows the PS4 and XBox One for $150 after coupons and discounts.

The ad came from Kohls. In addition to the great price on the gaming systems, shoppers can expect to get $15 in Kohl cash for every $50 they spend. Shoppers will receive the discounted price when they receive their Kohl's cash as the PlayStation 4 is listed at $199 while the XBox One lists for $189. Neither of the systems comes with any games so buyers will want to consider if the price is worth it. Since both systems have been out for awhile, there are many games available for around $15. Buyers may choose to subscribe to a subscription service as this allows a chance to get plenty of free games.

Other deals included in the ad were a 55" inch 4K HDXTV for $299.99 and toys are 50 percent off.

For those who are looking for a bundle deal, they can get a "Halo Wars 2" Xbox One S bundle for $329. After applying $90 in Kohl cash, buyers get it for $239. It is doubtful that buyers will have the same opportunity to buy the Nintendo Switch at a discounted price because the system is less than a year old.

Hot Hardware said the ad first appeared on the Back Friday dot com website but has since been removed.

The XBox One offered in the ad comes with 500GB of storage. The PS4 consoles offer 1TB of storage. For those who need extra controllers, the Xbox One wireless controller and the PS4 DualShockRead are available for around $40 each. The Samsung 55-inch 4K Smart TV retails for around $500. With $150 in Kohl's cash, shoppers will pay around $350.

Apple watches are available, and buyers can expect to pay around $329 for the Series 3. They'll receive $90 Kohl's cash. Apple Watch Series 1 are availble for $249 and buyers will get $75 Kohl's cash.

New PS4 bundle with five new games

Trusted Reviews reported that a new PS4 bundle was released to the UK market. The new bundle retails for around $512 and includes the following games: "Call of Duty: WW2," "Doom," "Dishonored 2," "Fallout 4," and "Destiny 2." The system included 1TB of storage and a Glacial White color option. PlayStation released its latest games for October to the PlayStation One store. Players will see the "Call of Duty" series and "Persona 5."