"Steven Universe: Save the Light," which is a game based on the popular animated series, "Steven Universe," is set for release this month. The project is a collaboration between Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar, and Grumpyface Studios. Like the series, it also features Steven and his friends, as well as the adventures of Crystal Gem.

The game is about how the Crystal Gems and Stevens can stop a new gem from destroying Homeworld. The new Gem will be using a powerful weapon that she stole in order to materialize her plans. The gem is a new character named Hessonite — the details and images were recently revealed.

Who is Hessonite?

Hessonite is a Homeworld commander who went to Earth to retrieve the lost Prism. She plans to transform this into a powerful weapon. Aside from that, she will also be the director of Squaridot. Her character design shows that her weapon is a sword but it is not yet revealed if it has a secondary function. Actress Christine Baranski is the person behind the voice of the new gem.

There is a big reason why Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems will face a big challenge when fighting Hessonite. She is from the Homeworld which possesses more advanced technology and knowledge. When compared to Earth, Hessonite's ability and weapons will no doubt be more powerful. But there is nothing impossible for the Crystal Gems, which means that they can still bring down Hessonite no matter how powerful she is.

It is noted that the Crystal Gems are capable of fusion which makes them stronger.

Game features

"Steven Universe: Save the Light" is based on the original story by Rebecca Sugar. It allows players to customize their characters and they can also choose the leader of their team. But Steven cannot be removed from the group. There will be eight playable characters, excluding fusions, wherein one of these characters will be available as a DLC.

Fusions will be available as character abilities. There will also be more fusions which are not yet shown in the series. The game will also give more emphasis to puzzle-solving and exploration in different 3D environments. Players can also try side quests which will give them random rewards. Aside from that, a crafting system, character perks and upgrades will also be available.

When the player helps another character in the game, it will increase their bond and this becomes a new strategy to their battle system. This includes allowing fusion of characters or special team attacks. Some parts of the game will also require the players to make decisions that will affect its gameplay.

"Steven Universe: Save the Light" will be launched for PS4 on October 31 and for XboxOne on November 3.