Remember the time when Blizzard made a major Mercy rework in “Overwatch?” It gave the support hero a huge tweak, changing her “Resurrect” ultimate to “Valkyrie.” So, instead of being able to resurrect all five teammates at once, she could only do so with one ally at a time. Apparently, though, the studio is thinking of a nerf.

Mercy to be nerfed

On the official forum site of “Overwatch,” game director Jeff Kaplan posted a new announcement. He first apologized for not being able to post new updates lately, and then he moved toward discussing a Mercy nerf.

Kaplan admitted that the character is “too dominant right now” and that the resurrect ability changing the tone of the game to a certain degree. To put it simply, the skill is “simply too powerful.”

To battle this, the developers are set to experiment with various toned-down versions of Mercy’s resurrect skill. Kaplan believes that since the skill is no longer an ultimate – a cooldown ability to be exact – it needs to be “less powerful.” Unfortunately, he and his team are yet to provide specific details regarding the nerf. He did mention about “nearing a point with internal iteration” where they somehow feel comfortable with putting something on the Public Test Realm. If this is true, then it is possible for the update to arrive anytime soon.

About Competitive Play

Kaplan also discussed on the forum site about their plans to bring changes in the “Overwatch” Competitive Play. One of the things they will be addressing is the matchmaking system of the mode. According to him, this should somehow improve some of the known issues that players are seeing or experiencing.

Kaplan further noted that this is particularly true “at the end of the skill rating spectrum.” Again, the game director could not provide specifics to the changes they plan to implement.

Moving forward, Kaplan tackled the ongoing issue of toxicity in the game. He mentioned the fact that there have been lots of improvements lately, thanks to tweaks and updates they introduced.

“The more we restore your faith in our systems, the more we hope you use them,” he said.

The “Overwatch” game director insisted on using the report feature to help them battle offensive behavior in matches. He even ensured the community that it is 100 percent working. With these changes, players can only hope for the best. Perhaps this will somehow give the game a huge boost, as many have already complained about its frequent glitches and server errors.