Bungie draws everyone’s attention a second time around as they officially launched “Destiny 2” for the PC this week. With a little more than a month of waiting compared to the console versions released back on September 6, 2017, PC users finally get to try the “Destiny” experience. Data-miners wasted no time scouring through the sci-fi shooter’s game files to hopefully stumble upon some secrets. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for them to uncover some interesting tidbits about old patrol zones and others. Likewise, these old locations seem to be connected to the Faction Rally event for some reason.

Old patrol zones in ‘Destiny 2’

Guardians who have played the original installment should be familiar with two of these locations. According to the game files, all four of the revealed patrol zones were featured in the first game. The PC version of ‘Destiny 2’ reportedly contained voice lines referencing the Dreadnaught, Mars, Old Russia, and Mars, which are all nostalgic for veteran gamers of the original title. Some of the audio contained in the game files mentioned stuff like “I can’t imagine the horror you’ve seen on the Dreadnaught,” “head to Old Russia, scour the Cosmodrome,” and “Mars is just a stepping stone on humanity’s journey, come with us.”

Furthermore, what makes all of these hints even more intriguing is the fact that these lines are spoken by the different faction leaders in the game: Executor Hideo, Arach Jalaal, and Lakshmi-2.

Each of the aforementioned leaders respectively belongs to the New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and Future War Cult. The first Faction Rally event took place last month and ended with Dead Orbit as the victor, which rewarded those who pledged their loyalty with a scout rifle called the Haunted Earth. Not much is known about how they will interact with players and the new patrol zones.

Expansion DLC expectations

The working theory accepted by most fans right now suggests that these older patrol zones will be included in the next expansion. The first “Destiny 2” DLC is going to be the Curse of Osiris, according to some leaks, which likewise described the premise as a “journey through time and space.” Bungie will most likely rely on a time travel plot as the reason for the Guardians visit to those aforementioned patrol locations. For nostalgic “Destiny” players like us, getting to revisit these familiar places will surely be a welcome treat.