Pokemon GO” has revolutionized the way mobile games are played. Since its release last year, millions of players from around the world gather in the wild to capture pocket monsters. They all just want to own as many Pokemon as they can and be the very best.

While “Pokemon GO” continues to be a massive success, it is actually far from being a complete game. That is because the people behind the smartphone game have some exciting plans for it. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The future of the mobile game

In an interview with Bloomberg News, the chief executive officer of Tokyo-based Pokemon named Tsunekazu Ishihara says that the game is just the beginning.

He reveals that the developers – Niantic in particular – are planning to add more exciting elements to keep players coming back to play. According to him, they only “accomplished 10 percent” of what the Pokemon Company and Niantic are wanting to achieve. Hence they plan to introduce fundamental experiences through features such as peer-to-peer battles and Pokemon trading, among others.

Ishihara also mentions about the possibility of introducing more region-locked creatures in “Pokemon GO.” For instance, there will be “a chilly Pokemon in a cold climate.” However, he is aware of the exclusivity of this pocket monsters and thus they will find a way for other players to experience this type of creatures.

This is where they continue to find the “right balance” when it comes to game design, Pokemon availability, and player experience. Ishihara is positive that their current blueprint is geared towards playability and unique experience.

Bringing Pokemon to Nintendo Switch

This is not a surprising move from the Pokemon Company, though.

Sometime in June, Ishihara revealed that a role-playing game was already in development for the titular Joy-Con. During the interview with Bloomberg News, he reveals that the platform gives them the opportunity to develop an entirely new Pokemon that could go deeper while having a higher level of expression. In fact, for him, Nintendo Switch is “an extremely important platform” that will heavily impact the future of the entire Pokemon franchise.

Although Ishihara opts not to give out a timeline for the upcoming game’s release, he says that it is something players must look forward to. He also talks about adding accessories to the game while being on the Nintendo Switch platform. But while it is an interesting road to take, he cannot really say it is going to be possible. Ishihara explains that while Switch is a new milestone for them as a company, making it a possibility is not that easy.