It cannot be denied that Niantic is always on the roll when it comes to “Pokemon GO.” They frequently release updates and introduce new changes to the game. While some love the tweaks, others simply do not.

Apparently, though, “Pokemon GOplayers are starting to notice a bit of a change in rare candies. They are basically becoming more common, which is a complete opposite to the term “ever-elusive.”

Rare candies becoming common

According to Dot Esports, fans from all over the world have noticed an increase in frequency of receiving rare candies.

As the name suggests, these items barely exist in the game. Only a handful of players are lucky enough to obtain them. However, the rarity level of these candies is believed to be diminishing. While this may be a good news, some players cannot help but wonder. They resort to questioning their luck, as they themselves cannot believe the increase in the frequency.

Interestingly, this is a good thing for most “Pokemon GO” players. Why? That is because they are more likely to acquire rare candies now than before. They can use these items to upgrade their pocket monsters, but only the rare ones. Moreover, if they decide to feed it to a Pokemon like Pikachu, it will eventually turn to a Pikachu candy.

It is worth noting, though, that this is not the first time Niantic introduced such increase. Sometime in June, Niantic increased the frequency rate of these candies. However, it seems that with each increase, the ever-elusive candies are starting to become more common.

Players are hoping

As of this writing, Niantic has yet to confirm the sudden change in “Pokemon GO.” So, in a sense, it might be a bug or a glitch that needs fixing.

But as far as players on The Silph Road are concerned, they are 100 percent convinced that the increase is real. Also, this could mean that players can expect to acquire more candies whenever they fight Raikou. If they are successful, they will earn a good amount of rare candies. This is definitely an exciting turn of events.

Badge system limit

Meanwhile, ComicBook reports that the studio plans to introduce a badge system limit in “Pokemon GO.” To simply put, once a player reaches this limit, his/her gym badges will either be removed or erased. Right now, the rumored limit sits at 1,000 badges. This seems to be a massive number, though. Nonetheless, this limitation can heavily impact players located in rural areas where gyms barely exist.