Fans that have played “Destiny 1” can expect most of its features in “Destiny 2.” However, popular vehicles like the Sparrow will take some time to unlock unlike in “Destiny 1.” The Sparrow is one of the most used vehicles in the game. It is a fast hoverbike that allows Players to travel much faster anywhere. The Sparrow is also known for its ability to perform amazing stunts. It can also be used to kill a group of enemies. Here are the steps on how to unlock the Sparrow in “Destiny 2.”

Steps on unlocking the Sparrow

It is not an easy task on unlocking the Sparrow in “Destiny 2” as players will need to complete tons of activities.

There are two ways in order to get a Sparrow in the game. First is the completion of the campaign, which will take a lot of time to accomplish.

After successfully completing the campaign, players should head to Amanda Holliday.She will give the Sparrow to the player as a reward for completing the game's story mode. The other step to get a Sparrow is to level up the character to 20, which will reward the player a Bright Engram. The Bright Engram contains one random rare item.

Even though getting a Sparrow in the Bright Engram is uncertain, players can still try their luck on getting it without finishing the campaign. The Bright Engram is also rewarded to players for each level after reaching level 20.

Players that don't want to farm experience points can buy it from the shop, which cost real currency.

In “Destiny 2,” a Bright Engram cost 200 silver, which is almost equivalent to $2. Buying silvers in the game is the same as “Destiny 2.” One of the best deals is the 500 silver bundle as players can buy three Bright Engrams for it.

It only cost $4.99, which is an affordable price.

Features of the Sparrow in ‘Destiny 2’

The Sparrow is one of the most useful things in “Destiny 2.” It can be used to efficiently travel across different places, as well as escape from dangers. There are different types of Sparrow with different status. Players can also customize the hoverbike's colors, as well as adding different mods to it, which is the same in “Destiny 1.”

It is also a fun way to relax while resting from hard battles, as the Sparrow features different driving tricks.

It is recommended to get a Sparrow early in the game. However, considering that it will take some time to unlock the hoverbike in “Destiny 2,” players can expect a slow paced gameplay as characters in “Destiny 2” are known to move slow.