There is a slew of exciting updates that players shouldn’t miss on The Sims 4” this week. The Sims team announced the official title for the community-created “Eco Living” stuff pack. A survey for the pack icon is also ongoing for the fan-created DLC.

What’s more is that the Toddler stuff pack will likely arrive on console version at some point after release. Maxis also rolled out a new patch to fix annoying bugs and issues "The Sims 4."

Official pack title

The results of last week’s survey for the pack title of the game’s 13th stuff pack are finally in.

The Sims team delivered the news on the game’s official website that the “Eco Living” stuff pack is now officially called “The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff!”

The voting for the pack title was carried out from September 6 to September 8. Fans were provided with four different names and it appears that the majority of the votes favored “Laundry Day Stuff” as the official name that will be put on the next DLC’s box art and in-game catalog.

Pack icon survey

Next is the final survey for the community-created pack that will decide what will be the official icon for Laundry Day Stuff. The voting already started on Wednesday, September 13 and will close on Friday, September 15.

The development team invites all fans of the life simulation series to make their votes count before poll ends via Twitter.

Toddler stuff pack on consoles

The Toddler stuff pack saw its release on PC and Mac last month and if the listing discovered online is anything to go by, it will also reach the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Interestlingly, the Toddler stuff pack rated by Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) shows that it is not just scheduled to launch on PC and Mac. The listing further indicates an Xbox One and PS4 release but the date is not known, however.

Earlier, Maxis did point out that they will revisit the game’s DLC lineup. It does have a plan to launch a few of the fan favorite expansion, game, and stuff packs to Xbox One and PS4 post-launch.

Brand new patch

Lastly, Maxis also implemented a brand new patch that brings in a plethora of well-needed changes and fixes to quash annoying bugs. Among the notable additions are a hair, necklace, jacket, pants, full body outfit, and tops for adults while children get a top and bottom pieces of clothing.

There are also new objects such as architectural items like fence, chimney, two windows, and an awning. Other objects like mirror, bed, chair. Sofa, and even a wooden duck are added asa well.

The patch also addresses a host of issues in "The Sims 4." The full details can be viewed via the developer’s official blog.