Maxis continues to make The Sims 4 an enjoyable game to all the life simulation game aficionados with the release of the much-awaited Cats And Dogs Expansion Pack expected later this year.

While patiently waiting for the upcoming DLC, the studio recently teased a number of screenshots to whet the appetite of fans and also explained the lack of control over the pets and why it needs to remove this feature.

An early look at adorable dogs

Prior to the official release of Cats and Dogs DLC in November, SimGuruChibi of the Sims team offered an early and exciting look at those adorably cute dogs in a new screenshot.

Apparently, she used the image as a profile header in her personal Twitter account.

The teaser photo also shows a Sim playing with one of these cute dogs including a new look at some terrain environment.

Cuddly cat teased in new image

SimGuruEmory also teased new images of a cuddly cat and a new dog breed on her Twitter page. One of the photos is found in the post below.

Game celebrates 3rd anniversary

In celebration of the third anniversary of “The Sims 4,” the Sims Team released a new render for the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack as well. The picture also squeezed in other DLC items launched over the last 12 months such as the Vampires, Fitness, Toddlers, and the Parenthood game packs.

Maxis talks about control feature

The Sims team additionally talked about the control feature in response to a fan who asked if they can control their pets in the game. In an official blog, the studio explained that the team finds it necessary to remove the control feature.

The blog said that if the players were to be given control on every aspect of their pets, it would likely hamper the team from making the cats and dogs do surprising and fun stuff including some unexpected things.

In addition to that, players will have the best fun experience if they are not able to choose cats and dogs. However, they will have other ways to communicate and connect with their pets.

Fans won't be disappointed

The team assured the fans that they won’t be disappointed with the lack of control over their pets. They even included some unique characteristics, fun animations, specific behaviors, and ways to communicate with the Sims.

The Blog also said that the game's UI will be able to tell the gamers what the pets need and so on.

“The Sims 4” Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack is set for official release on November 10 on Windows PC and Mac OS platforms. A pre-order of the physical copies of the upcoming DLC is available now at giant retailers like Amazon for a price of $39.99.