Square Enix just launched a brand new website for the Tokyo Game Show 2017 event starting September 21 running until the following Sunday. The company will include five playable demos at the event, while other games shall be highlighted in their own personal stages and showcases.


"Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" is Square Enix's answer to Nintendo's "Smash Bros.". The fighting game is the third in the franchise and brings together a large cast of "Final Fantasy" characters into one setting.

"Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" has been available in Japanese arcades since 2015 but is scheduled to finally be released on Consoles next year.

The plot sees the Goddess of Protection and the God of Destruction at odds, so they summon champions to represent them in battle. For the first time in the series, the characters actually keep their memories of their own worlds and the events of the previous Dissidia.

When it was originally released in arcades, it featured a cast of 14 playable characters. This has been greatly expanded upon over the last two years, and the console version should include around 50 fighters.

The "Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy" board game can also be tested during the event. The "Final Fantasy XV" online expansion pack "Comrades" and the new PvP mode will also be showcased via a demo, with the latter being on both the PS4 and PC.

Finally, "The Evil Within 2" can be tested by players. It first received above average reviews, although critics did lambast the repetitive gameplay, it was a strong foundation to launch a franchise. Fans from all over the world should be excited to see snippets from the sequel.

Live streams

For those of us who cannot make the trip to Tokyo, we can still follow the event via a live stream of stage events and trailers.

Square Enix announced showcases for "Secret of Mana", "Dragon Quest X Online," and two Android titles, including "Final Fantasy Explorers Force."

The most exciting title might be "Lost Sphere," the 2nd title from Project SETSUNA. Like their first game, this will be a traditional RPG which incorporates strategic active time battles with a personal storyline.

"I Am Setsuna" was a fine game that struggled to meet the hefty expectations placed on it, but we cannot wait to see what the developers put out next.

We are also expecting to receive some more details about "Octopus Traveler", another quirky RPG for the Nintendo Switch. It has a unique pixel art style but not much else is know about it.