'Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire' gets a new battle goddess in Instagram celebrity Alexis Ren. The American model and internet celebrity is now the face of the new free-to-play mobile strategy game for Android and iOS devices developed by Machine Zone and Square Enix. This sexy battle diva launched her own line of active wear called Ren Active and appeared on the cover of Maxim, making her more than qualified to pose as the game's endorser. She is now the second hottest celebrity to advertise a mobile game after Kate Upton and her 'Game of War.'

Crafting an empire

In the video above, we can see Alexis bark out orders to her in-game minions, all while rocking in a tight white dress.

We can also see the cast of 'Final Fantasy XV' that will serve as guides to the player in developing and expanding upon their own kingdom. They will start by building a Citadel and continue to build other support structures as they progress through the game. 'FF XV: A New Empire' gives players the chance to rewrite a favorite classic to fulfill their own unique destiny. Though the game is commonly thought of as simply being typical of its publisher and is seen as just another strategy mobile game, it will definitely take its share of players in the growing market of mobile phone games.

Expanding horizons

The Final Fantasy franchise is not new to the mobile gaming market as since their first mobile game in March of 2004, Final Fantasy titles have become a staple.

Many people believe that mobile phones are slowly becoming a legitimate gaming platform, and passing time by playing games found on our devices has evolved since the golden era of Nokia phones, from 8-bit games like 'Snake' and 'Space Impact.' We now see Virtually Augmented games like Nintendo and Niantic's 'Pokémon GO' and AMC and Next Games' 'The Walking Dead: Our World.' In this day and age almost everybody has a smart phone, and downloading an app is as easy as breathing.

Everyone can easily access the app stores and download a free-to-play mobile game, an easy and effective strategy to increase the numbers of 'Final Fantasy XV's' massive fan base.

The arrival of Alexis Ren will give 'Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire' a much-needed boost. Imagine what her 10 million Instagram followers could do to improve the game's number of downloads? 'Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire' is now available for Apple and Android devices via iTunes' App Store and Google Play.