Square Enix has just announced the Multiplayer expansion for "Final Fantasy XV" called Comrades. Fans will finally be able to experience the fantasy with their friends, and they can join up to create their own adventures. The company has already shared the overview of what to expect, so we already have a good idea on just what this mode has in store. Similarly, they'll also be holding a closed test for select players early next month which is something to look forward to. However, there are still some things we're expecting Square Enix to put in the Comrades mode.

With that being said, here are some things we'd like them to include in the upcoming multiplayer expansion.

Plenty of customization options

The main meat of the expansion is that you and your friends will be making your own avatars and explore the world on your terms. Since Square Enix already plans on putting some customization to the game, we hope that they go all the way and put in all sorts of features players can choose from. Diversity is becoming a major factor in video games, and it would be great if "Final Fantasy XV" worked around this concept as well. Hopefully, Square Enix will give players a good amount of choices ranging from different skin tones, height, body type, hairstyles, and clothes.

Since the company already has experience dealing with MMO customization, there might be a good chance that the Comrades mode will get the same treatment.

New lands to explore

By now, most players should already be tired of exploring the same old landscapes in the game. Eos is a vast world with quite little to offer. Aside from the occasional truck stop, the game is just filled with wildlife and monsters.

To help bring back old players, Square Enix should add more uncharted areas for players to explore. Similarly, these lands should also include more towns or kingdoms to help balance out the barren land in the game. Starting an expedition with friends is always fun, but it would be leagues better if you could travel through different lands.

Team attacks and new cars

"Final Fantasy XV" boasted fast-paced combat and the whole "road trip with friends" concept. In line with this, the Comrades expansion should also include features where you work together as a team. Imagine fighting a dangerous Marlboro, and your team pulls off an impressive group strike filled with explosive magic. It's also important that you and your squad have a vehicle to help get around the areas in the game. Here's to hoping that Square Enix will include other cars aside from the iconic Regalia. It would also be great if these vehicles also allowed for off-road and aerial customization.