Do you spend all your time looking at social media accounts where people are traveling all over the world? Do you need to get out of the grind? If so, it might be time to get the heck out and go on an Adventure.

1. You spend all your free time looking at pictures of faraway places

Your best friend just got back from three months backpacking around New Zealand, and all she can do is tell you how incredible it was. And now, all you can do is look at pictures of this absolutely glorious country in your spare time. The urges are almost unbearable as you sit in your cubicle looking at pictures of glaciers, fjords, and mountains.

It’s time to get outta town.

2. You saw super cheap tickets to Thailand, and you almost bought them for the fun of it

You don’t have any plans to Travel, and you certainly don’t have the money, but the urge to buy that ridiculously cheap ticket to Bangkok was almost too much for you to bear. You tried to rationalize it with, “I could pay that credit card bill off pretty quick,” and “Well, it’s time for me to go on a vacation anyway.” Start planning your dream vacay!

3. You watched BBC’s ‘Planet Earth,’ and you almost cried at how beautiful it was

The animals, the nature, the views. And you’re watching this from somewhere in the middle-of-nowhere where there is no nature and nothing spectacular to look at.

You’ve watched this series ten times at least, but for some reason, this viewing was an especially emotional experience. I think that’s a sign you need to see the world.

4. You have a serious case of FOMO

All the Instagram posts are not helping you right now. Everyone seems to be having a grand time in some spectacularly gorgeous place eating delicious food, and you’re stuck in your apartment eating a bowl of cereal.

All the captions read, “I’m getting some much-needed Zen time” and “It’s so amazing clearing my head on this beautiful beach.” Maybe you’re missing out on something?

5. You gotta get out of the grind

Work. Bills. Responsibilities. Adulting. It’s all so hard, and you’re getting tired of it. You just need a few days or even a few weeks to do something completely different and get out of the rhythm.

It’s time to act on that wanderlust.

6. All you can do is reminisce about your year abroad in college

That year abroad with your friends still stands out in your mind as one of the most amazing experiences ever. You went to Venice, to Rome, to Athens, to Paris. So many amazing memories and you think it might be time to try and recreate that experience a bit. It might be time for you to act on that and go make some new memories.