Sony’s last console, the PlayStation 4 was released in 2013 and gamers are waiting for the next-gen console for four years. Gamers around the world have been speculating about the successor dubbed the PlayStation 5 for several months and they may have to wait a little longer. Fans are hopeful that the console will support better VR and 4K native resolutions for games but not much is known about it.

Recently, GamingBolt had a chat with Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, who has inside knowledge about the gaming industry. He revealed some of his take regarding Sony’s plans of launching the next PlayStation console.

PlayStation America Head, Shawn Layden, has already confirmed that the company is in the midst of developing the upcoming console but did not specify when it would be available.

Pachter believes Sony will release PS5 in 2019

Contrary to what many hope and feel, Pachter claimed that he thinks that the company will not release the new console in 2018 and will likely wait till 2019 or even 2020. However, Pachter said that it is more likely that the company would launch the new gaming system in 2019. The analyst then went on to provide some valid reasoning why the company would not be releasing the new console in 2018.

According to him, Sony would probably wait for the 4K supported TVs and other devices to permeate the average homes in America.

Pachter feels that the company would do better to wait until at least 4K televisions are present in at least 50 percent of the homes in the United States and 35 percent of the homes abroad.

This would maximize the sales of its new consoles as more people would have all the necessary requirements for supporting a truly 4K gaming experience on the PS5.

Pachter said that Microsoft took a wrong step by releasing the Xbox One X too early, a mistake which Sony will likely not repeat. He believes that Sony has already got its production and launch schedule for the PS5 nailed down.

PS5 to be backward compatible with PS4 Pro games

Pachter believes that due to both consoles supporting 4K games, the PS5 will be backward compatible with the PS4 Pro games.

However, these games would get even better visuals in the upcoming console and may even get 240 frames per second, giving it the ultimate fluidity. The new console would most likely launch in 2019 with supported games such as the much-awaited titles The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding.