We’ve all been there. You’ve been meticulously planning your dream Trip for months with your BFF. You’re at the airport, and you are pumped. You couldn’t sleep the night before because you were so freakin’ excited about this next adventure. Yep, it’s gonna be great. You’re on your way to Paris, to Tokyo, or New Delhi. You’ve been so organized. So many lists. You’ve broken your budget down so much that you even know how much each sheet of toilet paper is going to cost. You’ve got an amazing plan.

And then you remember

Here are four things that could go wrong on your trip.

1. No cash

You’ve made it to your destination. All is well. It’s gorgeous, and you’re so excited to be there. But you need some cash. You go to the nearest ATM. It’s all looking up. Man, that beach is super gorgeous. But what’s this message on the machine? “Sorry, we’re unable to process your request.” What the heck? Then you remember. You forgot to call your bank about leaving the country…

You frantically pull out your phone, and then you realize you can’t make international calls…

2. Your camera is stolen

Cape Town is so amazing. Today you went hiking on Table Mountain and saw incredible views of the city. You’re staying at this super hip hostel, and you’ve met so many cool people. And you think about all the pictures and all the likes you’re going to get on Instagram with that adorable pic you took with that cute penguin.

Everyone is going to be so jealous.

Then you feel something tugging at your backpack, and you turn around to see a guy run off with your brand new Canon.

3. No luggage

The flight to Bangkok was brutal. You didn’t sleep a wink because the dude next to you was snoring the entire time. And his breath was awful, but at least you made it.

You’re waiting at baggage claim, and you’re ready to get to your hotel. Then you think about what your mom said before you left, “You should pack extra underwear and a toothbrush in your carry-on at the very least.” Of course you didn't do that. Whatever. You never have bad luck when you’re traveling.

Everyone is picking up their bags.

You think to yourself, “I wonder where mine is?” The minutes roll by. Still no bag. An hour later. Still no bag. You talk to the airline. They have absolutely no idea where your bag is…

4. You forget your passport

You’re in line to check-in at the airport. You may have overslept your alarm by like an hour, but hey, you were tired. It’s all good. No sweat. You still made it to the airport with enough time to spare ‘cause you’re a baller like that. You still have 40 minutes before your flight leaves. No worries. Amsterdam, here you come.

Then the lady at the ticketing counter asks to see your passport. And then you see it all, all the decisions you made that led up to this point. Your passport is on the kitchen table next to your cat’s bowl. Your stomach drops to your feet.

Have fun stateside with your cat.