Destiny 2” players welcomed two new game modes last week with the debut of the Leviathan raid and Trials of the Nine. These were apparently the most-played elements of the sci-fi shooter last week. It is rather appropriate given that the aforementioned game modes are the end-game activities for both PVE and PVP respectively. However, the latter featured a big change from the first game with its four-man teams, compared to the three-versus-three format of the Trials of Osiris. Moreover, teamwork and a proper load-out can effectively lead to victory, which is detailed by the data of the most popular weapons used by gamers.

Weapons used in Trials of the Nine for ‘Destiny 2’

Hardcore PVP players in “Destiny 2” obviously aim to win all seven matches in Trials of the Nine. However, it should be noted that there have been changes from the Trials of Osiris featured in the first game. Other than the larger number of Guardians on each team, power level no longer matters in the new game mode. Moreover, players can now view the opposing team’s equipment before the start of each match.

The following firearms were the most widely-used by players during the tournament’s first weekend:

  • MIDA Multi-Tool – 33.6%
  • Uriel’s Gift – 7.7%
  • Prosecutor – 5.6%
  • MIDA Mini-Tool – 5.3%
  • Vigilance Wing – 3.5%

MIDA makes its mark

It appears that Guardians have opted for a more defensive approach based on the MIDA Multi-Tool’s popularity.

Veteran players of the first game can also recall when the said weapon dominated the Trials of Osiris. The sequel makes it easier for players to attain the scout rifle through a quest line that also throws in a second MIDA-made firearm, the MIDA Mini-Tool, which is also included in the list.

Auto rifles are getting popular

Two of the items on the list, Prosecutor and Uriel’s Gift are auto rifles that made their mark over the weekend.

Close quarter encounters usually prompt guardians to switch out their long-range weapons to rapid-firing firearms. The latter can be acquired from an RNG drop from Banshee-44, the resident Gunsmith in the tower. However, the Prosecutor is actually a reward earned through victory in the weekly PVP tournament.

A single pulse makes its mark

The first Trials of the Nine in-game events for “Destiny 2” allows Guardians to revive their fallen teammates after a short cooldown. Therefore, the Vigilance Wing pulse rifle makes the list due to its perks, which provide buffs to the wielder when their members are down. These statistics will still see some changes as the weekly tournament progresses.