The Nintendo Direct just revealed brand new details about their upcoming game “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.” From the scenes we saw in the new video, looks like there are more places to visit in Alola than there was before.

Here’s a little breakdown of “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s” new newest update.


As we’ve seen so far in the past trailers, videos, and promotional pictures; Necrozma will play a significant role in the new game. In the past, the ultra beast was just another UB; it had no other significance accept the fact that it was the last UB to catch.

However, in this latest video; we see how Necrozma swallows Solgaleo and Lunala; showing how much power it has over the two.

According to Nintendo Direct, Necrozma is an ultra beast that steals light. In the upcoming games, he’ll fight either Solgaleo or Lunala in the Altar of Sunne/Moone and take over their forms by capturing them in his hands. As he merges with one of the Pokemon, his form ultimately changes.

If Necrozma merged with Solagaleo, the new Pokemon would be called: Mane of Dusk Necrozma. With Lunala the new Pokemon will be called: Wings of Dawn Necrozma. The direct teases a “brand new showdown,” giving us a sign that a great battle might just take place in Alola

New Ride Pokemon and Ultra Beasts

Alola has been revamped.

In the upcoming game, there are more locations in the region than in “Sun and Moon.” As seen in the video, a new beach is available in Alola where a lot of people who seems to be gathering to surf. Despite the new area, the most striking detail in this part wasn’t the surfboards or the beach itself; but the new Ride Pokemon we could see on the ocean part of the beach.

The Pokemon we could see is Mantine, a manta ray-like Pokemon who seems to be having an interaction with some locals by the sea. Are we going to have more Ride Pokemon as well?

Another highlight of the video is the way we are going to introduced with the starters. In the trailer, we see the Poplio, Rowlett, and Litten entering scene just before a Gumshoos approach the protagonist.

Are we going to choose our Pokemon as we did in “Ruby and Saphire?” It looks like we need more details to find out.

The last highlight and passively the biggest one is the reveal of UB Burst and UB Assembly. The two new ultra beast is said to debut in “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” in different titles. UB Blast will be seen in “Ultra Sun,” while UB Assembly will be seen in “Ultra Moon.”

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is set to be released on November 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.