The hour long video was packed with details of Nintendo’s upcoming titles. From “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moonto “Xenoblade Chronicles 2;” here’s a little look at what went down on the latest Nintendo Direct.

‘Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon,’ ‘Kirby,’ and ‘Yokai-Watch’

The first game to be presented was “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.” As the game is getting close to its November 17 release date, more details about the story and the Pokemon are revealed. The presentation emphasized Necrozma's role in the upcoming game, and the new Ultra Beasts that will debut in both titles; UB Burst and UB Assembly.

Aside from this, they also reported that “Pokemon Gold and Silver” will be launching for the Nintendo 3DS on September 22. Players who will be buying the games will be able to receive a legendary Pokemon called Celebi that they can use in “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.”

Kirby will also star in two upcoming games in the future. The Direct successfully announced “Kirby’s Battle Royale” for the 3DS and “Kirby Star Allies” for the Nintendo Switch. The two upcoming games will have the beloved pink blob undertake a whole new adventure that will surely be adored by fans.

Another game that will come to the 3DS soon is “Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Spectre.” According to the hour long direct, “Psychic Spectre” is the definitive version of “Bony Spirits” and “Fleshy Souls.” The upcoming game is said to add new features and brand new content to the series.

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Spectre” will hit the shelves on September 29.

‘Minecraft,’ ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’

Another title discussed in the Nintendo Direct is “Minecraft.” The hit building game will come to the console with two texture packs and five skin packs as a complimentary bonus for players.

A digital version of the game is available now in the Nintendo e-shop.

Fire Emblem Warriors” is about to be released soon. To keep up the hype, the Nintendo Direct shared that Lyn will be joining the Switch version of the game. Both the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch version will launch on October 20.

One of the highly anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch is “Xenoblade Chronicles 2.” The eight-minute video presentation showed fans the massive world that they will soon explore in the game.

It also highlights the story and gameplay which may seem familiar, especially those who have played the past Wii U titles of the main series.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2” is announced to have a Special Edition. This package includes the game soundtrack, artbook and a unique metal game case.