Niantic recently released a new “Pokemon GO” update for Android and iOS. According to Reddit's “Pokemon GO” fan site, The Silph Road, the update also includes the first Mewtwo Exclusive Raids and Raid passes. Several players claim that they received Exclusive Raid Invites, which is scheduled to start on September 7. The first Exclusive Raid will lead players to the Pokestop called “Water, Precious Water” in Bellevue, Washington, and the raid will last for two hours.

How to participate?

To participate in Exclusive Raid Battles, players must have an Exclusive Raid Pass.

In order to acquire a Raid Pass, players must first complete a recent Raid Battle at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid will be held, or players could also spend 100 PokeCoins and buy it in the in-game shop. Players will be given the chance to catch and defeat the Raid Boss, and they will also be given rewards. Most of the Raid Bosses are legendary Pokemon. So players should expect that taking down a Boss will not be easy.

New feature helps rural players

Several players located in rural areas are complaining about the difficulty of defeating legendary monsters in raids. There are only limited players in rural areas and it is really hard to organize a group to defeat a legendary raid. That is why Niantic came up with the idea of Exclusive Raids.

According to a report from Pokemon GO Hub, the new feature is Niantic's temporary solution for the problem, because players that are invited to join the raids are given ample time to prepare.

What are the rewards?

Exclusive Raid Battles have the same reward as tier 1-4 Raid Battles. But some players are reporting that they received 50 Premier Balls after defeating Mewtwo.

Other rewards include Golden Razz Berries, Charged TMs, Fast TMs, and Rare Candies. In addition to the Exclusive Raid feature, Niantic also announced that in the future, other powerful Pokemon will also start to hatch from the Raid Eggs found at Exclusive Raid Battles. The developer did not state its release date, but fans are expecting it to happen in a few weeks.

Pokemon that will no longer hatch from eggs

On the other hand, Niantic recently removed nine species that hatch from Pokemon eggs. The species are Bulbasaur (Grass-Poison type), Charmander (Fire type), Squirtle (Water type), Staryu (Water type), Ekans (Poison type), Goldeen (Water type), Magnemite (Electric-Steel type), Vulpix (Fire type), and Yanma (Flying-Bug type).

What are Hyper Rare eggs?

Niantic also added a new rarity tier for eggs called “Hyper Rare.” Hyper Rare species are extremely difficult to hatch. The species that belong to the tier are Wobbuffet (Psychic type), Girafarig (Psychic-Normal type), Dunsparce (Normal type), and Shuckle (Rock-Bug type).