Destiny 2” has officially launched for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Along with the sequel come new features, items, currencies, and most of all, gear. While most of these collectible elements should be easily understood by most players, others might by more cryptic in nature. Engrams have been part of the original “Destiny” game with White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Yellow variants all earnable throughout your quest. The sequel evidently follows the same mechanic with the exception of Bright Engrams.

'Destiny 2' & Bright Engrams

For seasoned “Destiny” players, Bright Engrams could easily be mistaken for regular (White) Engrams.

In “Destiny 2”, Guardians still need to visit the Cryptarchs in order to decode these items. Everyone knows that the Cabal invaded the Last City and destroyed the Vanguard’s Tower. Therefore, the sequel features a new starting social space called “The Farm”, which is located somewhere in the outskirts of the European Dead Zone (EDZ). For regular Engrams, players can visit Tyra Karn in the social space to have those decrypted. The new Engram type, however, must be taken to Tess Everis in the Eververse kiosk.

Decoding the Bright loot

Regular Engrams can be decrypted into weapons or armor, but the new types can reward users with cosmetic gear, ships, emotes, shaders, sparrows, and other collectible stuff.

This appears to be good news for players since the first game locked most of these items via a pay wall. Dismantling the new item provides Bright Dust, which can also be used instead of Silver to purchase items from The Eververse kiosk. It seems like Bungie wants to give players more incentive to grind and earn these items.

How to farm Bright Engrams

Guardians who prefer to take the easy path and take their chances with the game’s RNG can purchase these with Silver. This does not guarantee them the item they want since everything will depend on the luck of the draw. It should be noted that there are certain ones that are not included on the loot pool, but can only be bought using the in-game currency.

“Destiny 2” players preferring to earn Bright Engrams through progress can do so by leveling up after reaching the level 20 cap. This is similar to “Destiny 1” where each succeeding level up granted Strange Coins, Glimmer, and Motes of Light. This time around players earn cosmetic loot just by grinding through the missions. The game is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC version scheduled on October 24, 2017.