A whole new set of creatures are coming to the augmented reality game “Pokemon GO.” There is still no exact release date for the Generation 3 Pokemon, but data miners confirmed that it would come soon. According to PokemonGOHub, there are a total of 135 Generation 3 names and 73 Candy families added to the game’s metadata.

Players around the world would have to wait a little longer for the Generation 3 to be released because the codes that were found by the data miners do not have sound files. It means that it would still take too much time before Niantic finally complete the feature.

Players also think that Niantic is focusing on other upcoming features like the Super Incubator and Raid system update.

How can exclusive raids help?

“Pokemon GO” players, especially those located in rural areas, has been complaining about the difficulty of organizing group raids. Some Legendary Pokemon raids only require four or more players to defeat a legendary, but it is really hard to look for a raid and organize a group if the players are located in a rural area. There is a time limit for every raid, and only high-level players that have a powerful Pokemon can defeat a legendary, but most rural players have crappy Pokemon.

The Exclusive Raid feature will partially fix the problem for rural players.

Niantic claims that the Exclusive Raids will list the time and location of the raid in advance. In this case, players will have ample time to get ready. But there is still some concern as to how many players will be invited to a raid in rural areas.

Localized chat added soon?

It is possible that Niantic will add some localized chat, so that “Pokemon GO” players near the covered area can easily talk to each other.

According to ComicBook, Niantic might also use some website to keep track of exclusive raids. Niantic already had these features in its other game called “Ingress.” “Ingress” has a website to track their team's progress and find nearby portals.

New feature to lengthen battery life

Niantic is still working on improving the stability and performance of “Pokemon GO.” The developer is also working on something that could help the users save battery life while playing the game.

There is no doubt that “Pokemon GO” is such a huge hit, and it has millions of players worldwide. But the game also lost several players in the previous months because Niantic delayed the launched of the most requested features. The developer assures that the upcoming updates will bring back some of the players that left “Pokemon GO.”