Pokemon Go” has a massive player base across the globe. Niantic Labs keeps players engaged by regularly rolling out events and activities. Many players share their discoveries, tips, and tricks to the community on forums and social media platforms. Reddit and Silph Road are most often the sources of these tips. Some of the tricks have proven effective while some others are not. One of the tricks that players are practicing nowadays is the Don't Press Okay method of catching a Raid Boss. Interesting, an official from Niantic Labs has recently debunked this.

Don't Press Okay

In The Silph Road subreddit, NianticGeorge of Niantic Labs support claims that the 'Don't Press Okay' trick is a myth.

The game developer support member spoke up in a thread, which claims that 51 percent of “Pokemon Go” players believe in this trick.

In August, there were several reports, such as one by ComicBook, which made the rounds online about the Don't Press Okay trick of catching Raid Bosses in “Pokemon Go.” Some players believe that if you do not press 'okay' after catching a Raid Boss, the player will increase the catch rate bonus of other players in the group Raid. This notion is based on the assumption that the game has pre-configured the number of players catching a Raid Boss.

This idea, although believed by some, technically does not work, according to Otakukar. They categorically stated in a post that the trick is simply a "myth."

Of myths and urban legends

While there is already a statement from the game developer, the myth, as most players know, will not simply die. Myths, in the popular augmented reality game, linger on even if they are debunked.

With a massive player base, misinformation is rampant. This could be prevented if Niantic Labs were to regularly release information. But unfortunately, it is not the case.

There are also several things in the game that started out as myths and ended up being true. One good example is the Last Ball glitch. When the claims first came out, several players disputed it.

However, Niantic Labs later confirmed the existence of the glitch. To compromise for the frustrating issue, the developer provided an extra Premier Ball to players in Raid Battles.

Meanwhile, “Pokemon Go” players are waiting for information on the launch of Mewtwo in the popular augmented reality game. Several fans are speculating most likely the powerful Legendary creature will be released a few days after the EX Raid Battles testing has ended.