Pokemon Go” received an unexpected update today. Niantic Labs started rolling out a new update today without prior announcement. Players in Western Europe first observed update 0.75.0 for Android devices. Previous updates released in the past were patches that contain fixes to several issues plaguing the game. However, this one introduces a couple of brand new and exciting features that will surely affect the gameplay experience of players of the popular augmented reality game.

Two new features

The latest Update in “Pokemon Go” rolls out two brand new features that will not change the game but will improve its quality and the way it is played.

One of the latest features is the new way the game will record items obtained from Raid Battles and Gyms. This will be saved in the Journal for players to keep track of the items they recently earned. This feature is helpful in Raid Rewards. Before, players will only get a quick sight of their rewards before going into the Raid Boss capture screen.

In addition to the new items-earned tracking journal, the new Update modifies the search function of the popular augmented reality game. Now, players can search for the game using keywords like Legendary and Defender to narrow their choices and filter the search results. With this feature, the player can just search the pocket monsters and remotely feed them.

Moreover, the feature makes it easier for players to find powerful creatures.

Several bug fixes

Like the other updates that have been released in the game, this one also fixes several bugs. This includes the issue that causes several image assets in the game not to correctly load. This bug has been encountered in the game for over a month now.

Most often, players would notice this bug when scrolling in their Pokedex.

This also has been the cause of why some players were not able to participate in the Legendary Raids. Before the release of this bug, Niantic Labs fix the side server of the game to address the issue with the Legendary Raids. The image fix will also fix the issue that affects various versions of Pikachu.

Most often, players would see the iconic creature occasionally losing or switching the hats it is wearing. The problem caused alarm among trainers since hat-wearing Pikachu is only captured in the wild.

Meanwhile, the testing of the newest type of raid in “Pokemon Go” is still ongoing. Players are still getting EX Raid Passes and will test for themselves how the new kind of raid goes.