Pokemon Go,” like any other games today has its own share of issues and bugs. In fact, Niantic Labs is continuously rolling out updates along with fixes and balances to resolve these issues that most of the time frustrate players. However, not all bugs cause frustrations. In fact, there is a bug that the majority of the players would rather want unresolved. This includes the bug in the game’s Curveball.


The topic about bugs in the Curveball of the game has been around for a very long time. While some players think that the feature never really worked correctly, some believe that the major issues happened just recently.

Whatever the case is, players are now getting credit for throwing their Curveballs following a particular pattern.

Technically, the right way to throw a Curveball is by spinning the PokeBall on the screen before hurling it. This action creates a visual effect and the ball can be seen following a curved arc towards the pocket monster. One player researching into the Curveball in the game recently noticed something interesting about it.

Curveball glitch

On Reddit, a user named notsurewhoiamtoday shared a video showing the bug in “Pokemon Go.” According to the Redditor, while experimenting with the idea that throwing a Curveball does not always register after a catch, notsurewhoiamtoday, discovered it is not actually necessary to throw a Curveball.

The Redditor found out that the game registers the bonus when the player hits a particular spot.

The user further showed his observation through a video, which you can check out below. Several players commented that they have experienced the same bug too and are doing the same. Others claim that the bug has been in existence since the popular augmented reality game was launched.


The latest claims just prove that the Curveball Credit in the popular augmented reality game is not randomly given. Instead, it is safe to assume that the Credit is based on where the ball links to the pocket monster rather than on the technique of throwing.

This further means that throwing 'excellents' or 'greats' are no longer much of an option.

While the game developer has already responded to the complaints about the Curveball Bug, they have not yet addressed the issue. In reality, it appears that Niantic Labs did not originally intend the Curveball to function like it is now. The team needs to explain to “Pokemon Go” players how the Curveball Credit works in the game. However, there is still a long list of more pressing bugs and issues that the developer needs to respond quickly.