Niantic has introduced a couple of interesting features in “Pokemon GO.” The most recent one perhaps is the Raid Battles, allowing players to team up with other players. It gave the game a genuine multiplayer function.

Apparently, the studio is set to introduce a newly reworked badge system. It may sound good, but it is actually not. Here is why and everything about it in a nutshell.

New badge system

According to ComicBook, Niantic will be introducing a new badge system in “Pokemon GO.” The only difference with the new one is that it is going to have a limit.

If this goes on, it is very likely for players to lose their older gym badges. Unfortunately, the limit will not recognize any progress made by the players. To simply put, whatever badges players currently have will be deleted from the game the moment this new structure arrives.

This new badge system in the game is currently the number one topic on the Reddit community called The Silph Road. Players on said community confirmed that there will only be 1,000 badges. Once a player reaches this limit, his/her badges will disappear randomly from the mobile game. It is even a mystery if whether or not the game will just remove the badges. There are those who believe that, despite the deletion, players can retain both of their XP and level information.

Worst-case scenario, though, is that the new system deletes the entire progress.

When will it become an issue?

If “Pokemon GO” will only offer a limit on the gym badges listed on a player’s profile, this will not be an issue at all. However, if it chooses to really delete all of these badges, there is no doubt that Niantic will earn the ire of the community.

It is worth noting that badges can be earned whenever a gym is visited for the first time. Players can then level up these badges simply by spinning the gym’s photo disc. They can also resort to gym battles and/or leave Pokemon at a certain gym to defend. Currently, they are allowed to earn at least three extra badges per spin, though it depends on the kind of level of a gym has.

It holds true, though, that a thousand gym badges seem a lot in “Pokemon GO.” It may not even be a huge roadblock for players who live in the cities or areas where dozens of gyms situate. But as for players who barely have gyms in their locations, this could be a huge issue. It might even discourage them from visiting new gyms as they can risk losing rather than earning more.