Blizzard Entertainment recently updated “Overwatch.” The new update features a new escort map called Junkertown, and major character changes to Mercy and D.Va. The Junkertown map was first introduced on August 21 at the Gamescom event held in Cologne, Germany. Players and developer tested the new escort map on the game’s Public Test Realm before officially launching it. According to a report from Polygon, Junkertown is an Australia-based playground for the Escort game type. It is also the hometown of the game’s most beloved characters, Roadhog and Junkrat.

Upcoming character Junker Queen

Junkertown is a home of lawless scavengers also known as the Junkers, and they were led by the Junker Queen. The Junker Queen is one of the most mysterious figures in the Junkertown trailer. Junker Queen’s figure can be seen on the posters of the Junkertown map, and her voice can also be heard over the loudspeakers of the escort map’s trailer. Some avid fans cannot stop thinking that the Junker Queen might be the next “Overwatch” hero, dubbed as “Hero 26.” Fans have flooded the social media and community forums with drawings of the Junker Queen. Most of the fans are clamoring to put her in the game.

Changes for the support character Mercy

A lot of players have been mocking the support character, Mercy because she has a low or weak skill ceiling.

Blizzard Entertainment noticed her weaknesses and decided to add new offensive skills and abilities. Mercy is getting a new ultimate skill called Valkyrie. The ability Valkyrie will give her unlimited flight and ammunition. But the resurrect ability has been downgraded, which means that Mercy can only revive one hero at a time instead of five.

Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability and weapons are also improved. Guardian Angel will have further range, while weapons will cause more damage.

Changes for the character D.Va

As for D.Va, Blizzard Entertainment found out that her Defense Matrix was a bit strong. The developer does not want to decrease it without adding new abilities as well.

So the developer added the new ability called Micro Missiles, which is capable of firing small rockets at any time. Micro Missiles has a nominal area-of-effect damage. Fusion Cannon ability is also updated and D.Va can now use it even while flying. However, D.Va’s Defense Matrix ability meter will now deplete twice as fast, and the energy regeneration for the ability has been increased to 12.5 percent per second.