Niantic, the “Pokemon GO” maker, recently announced that it is currently developing a new augmented reality game. But unlike “Pokemon GO,” the upcoming mobile game will apparently provide a new experience that relies on audio. Augmented reality is not really a big part of “Pokemon GO” because most players are not using the feature. Niantic might have made the right decision to make another augmented reality mobile game because “Pokemon GO” is no longer the biggest thing on the planet.

How does an audio signal work?

According to Phil Keslin, Niantic’s chief technology officer, no one really wants to roam around and wave their smartphones in all direction just to play a mobile game like “Pokemon GO.” The game’s augmented reality technology will also make the person looks like a total “doofus.” Phil Keslin claims that the only solution to this is to use an audio in combination with the smartphones array of sensors.

With this technology, augmented reality experience will come more naturally, and the only thing the user needs is an earbud. But of course, the augmented reality feature was not the sole selling point of the game “Pokemon GO.” The game became a hit last year because it was based on a massively popular property that had found success on Nintendo’s devices and home consoles.

How did Niantic come up with the idea?

Niantic’s new idea came from the fact that there are so many smartphone users that uses their devices for audio, and it is not unusual for somebody to always have earbuds on. Audio signals could be a good way of allowing people to play the upcoming augmented reality game while safely leaving their smartphones in their pockets.

With the help of audio signals relayed through the earbuds, nobody will know that the person is playing a mobile game. Audio signals could take the form of fake phone calls or direct instructions given by the mobile game. Other smartphone sensors could also be used to change the way on how the person will follow the game's directions.

As of now, Niantic has not revealed any specific details regarding the upcoming game's release date.

Niantic constantly updating 'Pokemon GO'

On the other hand, Niantic is constantly adding new features to “Pokemon GO” to keep the players hooked to the game. The latest additions are the Legendary Pokemon, Raid Battles, and Exclusive Raid Battles.

EX Raid Battle is one of Niantic's solutions for rural players complaining about how difficult it is to organize group raids. In EX Raids, players will be given an ample amount of time to prepare and organize an upcoming Raid Battle. Players will also have a higher chance of defeating a Raid Boss.