Blizzard Entertainment will release the “Overwatch” new Escort map called Junkertown today. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC players will receive the new update at the same time. The Junkertown map was initially revealed on August 21 at Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. Players and developers spent several weeks testing Junkertown on the “Overwatch” PTR (Public Test Realm). Blizzard Entertainment did not announce the official release time of the map, but according to a report from DotEsports, the update might go live at around 7 pm UK time, the usual "Overwatch" update time.

What is Junkertown?

The new Escort map is located in the harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback. Junkertown shows a peek inside the lore of two most beloved characters in “Overwatch,” Roadhog and Junkrat. In the trailer, the two characters introduced the new escort map with a hilarious and fun approach. Junkertown was once a farmland before it was destroyed in the revolutionary war between the omnics and the folks living in the outback. Those who survived the war were called Junkers, and they were ruled by the Junker Queen.

Who is Junker Queen?

Players do not know anything about the Junker Queen because she can only be seen on posters and her voice can only be heard on the loudspeakers in the Junkertown trailer.

Junker Queen is a very mysterious figure, which is why some fans can stop thinking about it as an upcoming hero. According to a report from Express, avid fans are flooding the social media and “Overwatch” community forums with drawings of the Junker Queen and requested Blizzard Entertainment to add her in the game.

Mercy's new changes and abilities

New updates for the character Mercy is expected to launch alongside the Escort map Junkertown. As part of Mercy’s update, the popular support hero will only be able to resurrect other players in an individual basis. This means that Mercy can no longer resurrect five teammates because her ultimate skill now boosts her combat and support abilities.

Mercy’s popular ability which resurrects teammates will be replaced with a new ability called Valkyrie. Valkyrie is a game-changing ultimate skill because it allows Mercy to fly without using any boosters. Players can also use Valkyrie as a great offense on enemy players.

Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability is improved and it has a further range than before. Weapons used by Mercy will also cause more damage. Blizzard Entertainment improved the support hero’s offensive skills because many players are mocking character Mercy just because it has a low skill ceiling.