Blizzard Entertainment has been making changes to a number of heroes on “OverwatchPublic Test Realm. One of the most controversial changes made on the game was on the healer hero Mercy. A lot of players have been mocking the character Mercy just because it has a low skill ceiling.

According to “Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan, resurrecting dead teammates is Mercy’s main gameplay as a support. However, Mercy’s new update can no longer resurrect five teammates because her ultimate skill now boosts her for both combat and support. Blizzard Entertainment equipped Mercy with a new game-changing ultimate skill called Valkyrie.

Aside from her ability to heal, Mercy can also fly without using any boosters, and players can use it as a great offense on enemy players.

What are the changes on the support hero Mercy?

In addition, the support hero can also use her Guardian Angel ability much further than before. Damages from her weapon will also cause more damage. According to a report from Kotaku, the “Overwatch” team changed Mercy because of its weird behavior that is being encouraged by her kit. The game developers noticed that when Mercy is using her Resurrect ability, most of the players using her are hiding in the corner and stop healing. When this happens, players tend to let their comrades die on the point or the payload.

Mercy’s Huge Rez Achievement is also changed. Players can currently unlock the Huge Rez achievement by reviving four downed teammates in one go. Jeff Kaplan believes that the new changes on Mercy will make her more fun and engaging to play with.

Fans reactions to Mercy’s changes

While some players openly accepted the new changes on the support hero Mercy, some are simply not happy, and they are flooding the “Overwatch” forums with complaints.

Some players think that Blizzard Entertainment messed up with the changes on the support hero. They also do not agree that Mercy is all about hiding and that she goes beyond the role of being a support hero. Unfortunately, players’ complaints cannot do anything about the developer’s decision.

New hero Junker Queen might come soon?

On the other hand, several “Overwatch” fans and players are clamoring for the addition of the new hero called “Junker Queen.” Junker Queen is the mysterious voice behind the loudspeakers on the recent trailer of the Junkertown map. Avid fans have flooded the social media and “Overwatch” community forums with drawings of the Junker Queen and requested Blizzard Entertainment to add her in the game.