Last month, Blizzard decided to completely change Mercy and how "Overwatch" players use her. The game developer introduced numerous changes to her abilities and players now have to adjust to the new style of play with this hero.

The reason why Blizzard did this was the passiveness of players who use Mercy and the low skill cap. Basically, anyone could perform well with the support hero as her abilities were simple. Also, players would often play passively and hide before using the ultimate ability.

However, things have changed and players need to be more skilled to use Mercy properly.

Furthermore, her abilities now require her to be actively participating in team fights and carefully picking targets. While this was a much-needed change, Blizzard may have made this hero slightly overpowered.

Mercy is overpowered?

Before Blizzard decided to completely change Mercy's skills, her ultimate ability allowed her to resurrect fallen teammates in a relatively wide radius. This was one of the most overpowered abilities if properly used, but many players would wait for their teammates to die before resurrecting them, which was wrong.

Now, Mercy can resurrect one teammate every 30 second, which is arguably even more valuable. This ability makes a must-pick hero as it cannot be matched by anyone else.

Furthermore, the Swiss hero got a new ultimate ability, which enhances both her healing and damage-dealing skills. Not only that, but Mercy is able to fly while using her new ultimate!

Speaking of resurrection, the hero can instantly revive one teammate upon activating her ultimate ability. After using it, she will be able to use the ability once again in only 10 seconds.

In short, Mercy is able to resurrect her teammates every 30 seconds, but her ultimate ability allows her to resurrect two teammates within 10 seconds and to further amplify her healing and damage.

Mercy is the most-picked hero

According to Overbuff, Mercy's pick rate is 13.85% for this month. To put it into perspective, D.Va is in the second place with only 6.76% pick rate.

The new Mercy is well ahead of every other hero, and it's clear that she is invaluable to any comp.

In addition, players have reported that playing with Mercy gains them more SR than playing with other heroes in the game. Players would report a 30-SR gain after a win with the hero, but they would only lose 15 SR after losing a match. Not fair, right?