Game developer Bethesda Softworks has recently revealed that they will be implementing a new feature soon called Survival mode for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” It will push the limits of any fan that will play the video game with this new mode.

This new game mode will implement harsher rules for the game that punishes the players with realistic conditions. This will be tested first on Steam beta first before they release it officially on PC and consoles later on. The game developers are currently looking for some bugs that might interrupt the gaming experience.

Survival mode to be implemented soon

The game developer recently announced that a new game mode will be implemented soon for their popular video game. This will make it more difficult to finish with new elements. It will make players focus on necessary status effects that could harm their characters if left unchecked.

Skyrim Special Edition” will have this new update soon, but it will be available now for beta testing on Steam first. Players will only need to start up the game and get this update for beta testing. The Xbox One and PlayStation players will get this update later next month.

The game developers also revealed that the upcoming Survival Mode will be free for PC and console players for one week after it gets released for public use.

They did not clarify what will happen to this game mode after the free week.

Survival mode feature: Hunger

Players will experience hunger in the video game and it will be simulated almost the same with reality. They will need to feed in order to remove this type of status or else there will be consequences. Hunger can reduce total stamina, and weapons will feel heavy when swung against an enemy.

Food cooked the right way will grant a lot of bonuses for the characters. Uncooked food might sometimes give poison and disease.

Fatigue will wear players down

Another feature from Survival mode for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is fatigue. This happens when players will not sleep during their gameplay.

Fatigue can affect magicka, and it can also make potions and stamina regen effects decreased.

Players will need to sleep on a bed to get the well-rested bonus or else they will just remove the fatigue status effect.

Health Regeneration, level ups, carry weight

There will be no health regeneration feature in this game mode, which is realistic. In order to regain health, players will have to use potions, food, or restoration spells.

Sleeping in a bed also has a certain feature for this new mode. Players can level up their characters while they are sleeping.

Players will not be able to carry a lot of weight this time around with realistic Survival mode on. If they carry too many items, they will get fatigued quickly. The arrows and lockpicks will also have weight now to make it realistic as well.

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