Game company Blizzard has recently launched a new Patch for popular first-person shooter “Overwatch.” It was launched on all platforms, and it has several new changes.

Different fixes done with patch

The new patch for the popular video game has fixed several big and small problems. This made the fans happy because it is better balanced now and easier to play. There were also new additions to the gameplay, especially to Mercy’s ability.

Junkertown is the new escort map

One of the big highlights of the new patch was the new escort map called Junkertown.

This is located in Australia and it has a harsh and unforgiving environment. The current location is actually the remains of a destroyed omnium.

Junkertown is now home to the lawless scavengers called the Junkers. They are currently led by the Queen and they are pillaging the skeleton of the omnium. They are also fighting each other in the gladiatorial arena called the Scrapyard.

General update for Xbox One

For the Xbox One version of “Overwatch,” players that have the Xbox Live reputation called “Avoid Me” will still be in the matchmaking pool with the other players. They will not be able to use the in-game voice-communication feature as punishment for bad behavior.

Mystery Heroes and User Interface update details revealed

The mystery Heroes and the User Interface features were also updated with this new patch. One of the highlights is the change where players that suicide will not be able to respawn as a new hero. Their Ultimate ability will also reset and anything that they replaced will despawn as punishment.

Another change is the disabling of the ability for players to respawn as the same hero. These new changes will only apply to any custom games that have the “Respawn as Random Hero” option checked or enabled.

Hero updates now available

There are also several updates to certain heroes in the video game.

The new ability for the character D.Va is called the Micro Missiles.

Small missiles can now be fired from her mech, and they will explode when they reach her enemies. She can also use this nifty ability with any other ability or even when firing the Fusion Cannons.

Mercy also got some interesting changes, such as her Resurrect ability, which was supposed to be her former Ultimate ability. This is now her common ability and she can now target a single player, instead of any players within her radius. The downside is that she will no longer be invincible while the ability is active.

The new Ultimate Ability of Mercy is now the Valkyrie. All of her weapons and abilities will be powered up with this new ultimate ability, but for a limited time. This ability allows her to fully use the Valkyrie suit.

The ability to rotate the camera during Reinhardt's Barrier Field is the new change. Players can now do this trick while holding the primary fire.

Numerous bug fixes

The latest patch for “Overwatch” also fixed a lot of bugs that plagued the game previously. A general fix solved a problem where the voice lines were prevented and players could not even ask for a highlight shot. This usually happened when the killcam showed someone getting defeated by another player.

A Team Deathmatch description would not display before the fix. Players can now see all of the descriptions in the info section with this new fix.

There was one weird issue where the heroes would play the sigh voice line after respawning. It was fixed with the patch right away.

Check out the “Overwatch” New Map Preview of Junkertown here: