Final Fantasy XV” finally released November last year despite being under development for a whopping 10-years. However, fans and critics greeted the highly-anticipated game with mixed reviews. While they praised the game’s stunning graphics, they also brought up the many issues and plot holes in its story. That said, it doesn’t seem like game director Hajime Tabata is finished with this project since he and his team are still creating new content. During TGS 2017, they released a “Final Fantasy XV Universe” trailer that teases some upcoming updates and DLC.

Ever expanding universe

Square Enix recently released a new “FFXV” trailer called “Universe” that shows off all of the current content they’ve released for the game so far. The spin-off “Brotherhood” series is available to watch on YouTube while the “Kingsglaive” film is now on sale. Meanwhile, the “FFXV” Windows Edition is launching sometime next year while the Pocket Edition is slated to release this fall. Moreover, Square Enix even went as far as to promote the mobile game Noctis and his friends are playing.

Current content aside, the trailer has also teased the final character DLC coming this December. episode Ignis was originally teased after the developers released Episode Prompto back in June.

The “Universe” trailer gives us another peek at what to expect when the DLC launches later this year. Ignis is seen surrounded by a group of Imperial soldiers, but he isn’t alone. We can also see Ravus Nox Fleuret, Luna’s brother, there fighting by his side. Seeing as how Gladio and Prompto had their own respective partners, it seems like Ravus will be helping Ignis in his character DLC.

The short teaser also shows that we will be getting a free update soon that will expand the game’s plot. It isn’t exactly clear when it will arrive, but there are scenes featuring Luna, Shiva, and Gentiana. It’s great that Square Enix is fulfilling their previous promise of adding new story content to the game since the overall plot felt heavily rushed.

Noctis joins ‘Dissidia’

Square Enix also revealed that Noctis will be joining “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” as a playable fighter. They’ve released a short trailer for the game during TGS 2017, highlighting some new features and plot details. The clip shows Noctis zooming and warping around the battlefield with various weapons, meaning he’ll have the same skills he has in his original game. From the looks of it, he seems to be an Assassin type character who prioritizes speed over power. “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is slated to launch early next year on Jan. 30.