Blizzard disabled a couple of Legendary skins in "Overwatch." The developer has taken this step because of a particular issue recently observed in the game. The issue surfaced after Blizzard released Patch 1.15 on September 19. The update introduces several heroes’ changes to the popular first-person shooter. Interestingly, it also brings along this latest issue that disrupts the gameplay. Players who are using the Winged Victory Mercy skin and Oni Genji skin will now have their characters revert to their default skins.

Disabled skins

Legendary Skins, Winged Victory Mercy and Oni Genji are now disabled in “Overwatch.” In the game’s official forum, Blizzard community manager Josh Engen confirmed the most recent move from Blizzard.

According to Engen, the team is currently working to resolve the issue quickly. The community manager also shared that the fix will need a follow-up patch, which will be available as soon as possible.

After Patch 1.15 was released, players noticed that when they equip these two Legendary skins on their characters in the game, there is a bug that restricts the heroes Ultimate voice lines from properly functioning. The game developer has not yet provided any timeline as to when the fix will be available. However, Engen was quoted as saying that PC players will get the fix (sometime) next week. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a little longer as no definite time has been revealed yet.

Crash bug

This is not the first time that the game developer has removed or disabled something in the popular first-person shooter title. Blizzard has this approach that when things are broken in the game, the developer turns it off and fixes it. In the past, D.Va was removed from the game for several hours because of a bug.

The team disabled the character to launch an emergency fix.

The skin bug seems to be less troubling than the crash bug previously experienced with D.Va. However, it gives an unfair disadvantage to opponents. Without the characters’ Ultimate voice lines, players will not be able to hear notifications about the enemy if using its Ultimate.

Fortunately, the disabling of the legendary skins of Mercy and Genji is temporary. Winged Victory Mercy and Oni Genji are among the top fan-favorite skins in the game.

This was the first issue reported after Blizzard released Patch 1.15. “Overwatch” players are hoping that no more bugs or issues will be encountered causing gameplay disruptions and increasing player frustrations.