The upcoming open adventure game, "Red Dead Redemption 2" is one of the most anticipated games of 2018. When it comes to hints about the game, fans take whatever information they can get their hands on. It's not always easy waiting so long for a sequel to such a good game. However, with the new trailer released, fans get a little bit of a look inside the game that travels further east and further back in time.

Here are some of the things you may have missed when watching the trailer.

The main character could die

This new character, Arthur Morgan, is one we haven't heard about before in the first game.

This is a bit suspicious, as Morgan is a member of Dutch Van Der Linde's gang. In the first game, your role as John Marston was to hunt down members of Dutch's gang. This proposes the idea that Morgan was already dead by the time "Red Dead Redemption" started the first time around.

New weapons

In the trailer, Morgan is seen with dual wielding revolvers. This is impressive, considering that realistically, it wouldn't work. However, it would be cool to be able to use them in the game. So let's keep hoping that we'll get some dual wielding action going on. There are also shots of a bow and arrow, which leaves room for a possible new stealth system.

An alligator

Based on location, there's an alligator in this game.

While it may not prove anything special to the game itself, that's still really cool. The alligator also hints at the location, perhaps a New Bordeaux spot. Since crocodiles only live in Florida, it makes sense for it to be an alligator, because it seems unlikely that we'll be traveling all the way down to Florida in this new game.


While "Red Dead Redemption" isn't exactly the same as "Grand Theft Auto," the idea of similar heists set in the old West is still appealing the players. The trailer shows train robberies and bank robberies, so it would be cruel not to include them in the new game. After all, it's always been fun to pull heists in games, even if you would never think to do it in real life.

Attention to detail

Rockstar Games has always created games with great detail inside of them. From landscapes to human features to animals, they've always gotten down to every last detail. Knowing that, it shouldn't be surprising that fans have the ability to see the horse's privates in the trailer. While a bit humorous, it proves that Rockstar is still out here creating everything just perfectly, down to every last detail. Even this small bit leaves fans anxiously awaiting "Red Dead Redemption 2."