It has recently been reported that Nintendo will be releasing SNES Classic, a console that is a miniaturized homage to the 16-bit era. It would seem crazy for retro-gaming fans not to get their hands on the stuff if they can afford it. This is basically an improved SNES, after all. But the question is: Will there be enough stock?

Surely Nintendo anticipates that thousands, if not millions, of gamers, will want to purchase the SNES Classic on launch day. A report from The Verge tells us that the company "has ramped up production and launch-day units." And if that isn't enough, the company "promised to manufacture significantly more" of the console.

However, one thing Nintendo advised against, is consumers looking for resellers on sites like eBay or Craigslist. Users there would most likely demand significantly higher prices. The same report does detail possible avenues of purchase on launch day. It greatly depends on whether or not one has the time and is willing to go to a store.

Best Buy may be your best bet

The report said that "all major US electronics retail chains" will have the SNES Classic in stock. Of course, this is still a bit vague. While every popular retailer might have the console, they still want people to know that stocks are limited.

Overall, Best Buy seems to be the best place to get the console, provided you're willing to shell out some effort in addition to the purchase price.

The store is sure to have some stock, and you can get a guarantee that you'll have one of them.

The way they do it is that they're distributing tickets — one per customer — at 7 AM on launch day (September 29). They will not do a midnight launch, nor will they open early for the day.

They will open at 10 AM on launch day, but will only sell the SNES Classic to those who managed to get their hands on tickets.

Needless to say, the tickets (and therefore the stocks) are limited, so if you really want the console, better get there early — even earlier than 7 AM.

Toys "R" Us is doing a similar thing, handing out tickets before opening time (9 AM). That's another spot to check out if for some reason you opt not to go to Best Buy.

Every Gamestop outlet will also have units in stock, but their style is more transparent.

They will just post the number of units they have left in front of the store.

Purchasing online

Unfortunately, Best Buy has confirmed that the SNES Classic will not be available through their online stores. However, Gamestop, Target, and ThinkGeek offer the units via the web, so definitely check out their online stores for availability.