Final Fantasy 15” producer Hajime Tabata confirmed that modding has advantages, but definitely no adult content for their players. In a recent interview, he explained that “FFXV” went a little different from the original franchise. For one, the entire gameplay’s structure is aimed at providing each of the players a unique journey, unlike the previous titles where players share the same experiences.

Tabata warns that modding might be removed

While modding is a way to make the unique adventures possible, Tabata forewarned the gaming community of one possibility.

According to him, it may be taken away if individual choices go too “adult” in nature. The Producer also added that the decision would be up to Yosuke Matsuda, the Square Enix CEO. At the end of the day, the CEO has the sole authority in calling the shots, especially that news about nude mods have already reached their radar.

'Final Fantasy XV’s' beta for a new multiplayer expansion has been opened recently

The new “Final Fantasy XV” multiplayer expansion entitled “Comrades” has been released. With the release comes two videos that provided players a concrete look on the new character customization. Based on the released videos, both the female and male characters including the different features like eyes and clothes can be personalized according to the player’s desire.

Players must have a copy of “FFXV,” the Season Pass, and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. They should also make sure that they have already downloaded the Closed Online Test.

“Final Fantasy XV’s” Comrades is a cooperative multiplayer expansion for the game with a single-player-only title. The players can make their own character and match with other players to make exploring the world and finishing the quests possible.

Although only a chosen number of content is included in the beta, there are some new weapons, attack styles, and gears in the full DLC. Noctis and other characters are expected to be made playable as well.

FFXV’s” Comrade has no release date yet. While there are speculations that the multiplayer expansion will be available on its own, other reports have suggested that it will become a part of the season pass. Meantime, players who want to get a chunk of the game’s AP are recommended to look for low-level enemies; those that they can easily kill with Warp Strikes. For sure, it will give them 1 AP.