Overwatch” hero D.Va is still getting tested on the PTR following her recent rework. The developers have drastically reduced her Defense Matrix’s uptime in exchange for some powerful new abilities. Aside from being able to fire while flying, she has also gotten a new ability called Micro Missiles. With D.Va lacking most of her defensive options, this allows her to engage in more fights while still acting as a tank with her large health pool. With that being said, here are some tips on how to use the new D.Va in “Overwatch.”

Time your Defense Matrix

D.Va’s current Defense Matrix has a pretty long uptime in the live servers as she can absorb plenty of projectiles.

Moreover, she can even absorb ultimate abilities like Pulse Bomb and Blizzard, which makes it a pretty powerful “shield” of sorts. When her rework hits the live servers, she only has two seconds to keep the Defense Matrix up. Having said this, D.Va mains should now learn how to time their shield instead of always depending on it. While the recharge rate has been increased, she still can’t use it often as before. Keep track of enemy ultimates and save your Matrix when they plan to use it.

Bully your enemies

There was a time when Blizzard made D.Va the most powerful hero in the game with her whopping 400 armor and 200 health. Back then, she acted as something like a bully character since it was difficult trying to take her down alone.

If ever she had low health, the character could easily fly away for healing before harassing another enemy. With her new offensive options, D.Va can pick up the same role she had in the past by pressuring her Enemies while flying around the field. The “Overwatch” Korean tank hero still has plenty of HP to tank a good amount damage, but players should still learn when to disengage from a fight.

Abuse her boosters

What makes D.Va and Winston stand out from the other “Overwatch” tanks is their mobility. D.Va has boosters for quickly traveling around the field or knocking enemies back. The fact that she can use her Micro Missiles and Fuson Cannons while flying around the field will make her a tricky enemy to pin down.

If you’re going to switch areas or harass foes, make sure to do it while using her boosters. This will make it harder for your enemies to land hits while you launch a barrage of attacks.

You can play the D.Va rework on the “Overwatch” PTR on PC. Blizzard has yet to reveal when the changes will arrive on the live servers.