Overwatch” is no stranger to adding new and exciting characters outside of the game. Before he officially joined, Doomfist was a highly-speculated hero as most of his lore details came from his gauntlet. Similarly, “Overwatch” hero Sombra was another popular character for her complex, yet dragging Alternate Reality Game (ARG). In line with this, Blizzard has just released the Junkertown map on the PTR that hinted at some lore details for Junkrat and Roadhog. However, fans are going crazy over a character that hasn’t even been put in the game.

The Queen of Junkertown

Blizzard has finally given us more details about the current state of Australia – specifically Sydney and Junkertown. While the former isn’t an official map, we saw how it looked during the Summer Games 2017 Lucioball map. Everything looked fine, and it still seems like a perfectly good city. However, Junkertown was the complete opposite as it was a desolate wasteland filled with dangerous people.

The ravaged wasteland is ruled by none other than the Queen. We know almost to nothing about the character except her voice and an image posted on the map. In spite of this, Nerdist shares that fans are going crazy over her. Some extreme YouTubers are even speculating that she’s an upcoming hero.

Blizzard has confirmed nothing of the sort, and she seems like an NPC if anything.

However, that didn’t stop players from already cosplaying her. Instagram user hanari502 uploaded her cosplay photo of the Junkertown Queen which was pretty spot on despite the lack of details about the character. Fans have also been making some fan art for the character, shaping out what she would look like.

For now, she remains as an NPC which explains the “rules” of the town and nothing more. if ever she does become playable. Blizzard will release more details about her play style.

Deathmatch live

That aside, Blizard has finally launched the Deathmatch arcade mode on the live servers. There are two cards to choose from Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch.

The former pits you against seven other players wherein the main goal is trying to score 20 kills the fastest. Team Deathmatch, on the other hand, is a 4v4 match where fans have to score 30 kills first. Both offer a breath of fresh air in the team-based shooter as those who like playing for kills can finally release some steam. Those who are interested in trying out the said mode can download the latest “Overwatch” patch on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.