The “OverwatchDeathmatch Mode has just hit the live servers and players are excited to try it out. While some may opt for the Team Deathmatch, most are scurrying to test out the Free-For-All mode wherein the game puts you in a small area with seven other. The main objective here is to score 20 kills the fastest, and while it may sound simple, it might be harder than it seems. With that being said, here are some tips to help you out in the “Overwatch” Deathmatch mode.

Keep track of your points

Since this is a Deathmatch, you have to prioritize on killing your targets.

However, you should also be paying attention to your own stats as you never know when your score is dwindling. Remember, if you find yourself cornered, don’t jump off the cliffs in the new map. If you fall or decide to take the plunge, you’ll get deducted in your overall score. Instead, if you’re playing heroes like D.Va or Lucio, don’t be afraid to push people off cliffs. Also, take note of who is currently leading with the most number of kills, so you know how to take that hero down. It’s better to gang up on the stronger one than pick off the weaker players.

Set traps

You might be thinking that only Offense heroes specialize in the Deathmatch mode since they have the best capacity to kill.

However, other heroes like Symmetra and Torbjorn are actually great for those who don’t have the aiming reflexes. Aside from being able to shoot, they can also lay down turrets to distract and catch foes off guard. As a Symmetra, you can set up a nest of turrets near choke points, especially hallways or tight corridors. Once your enemy finds cover, you can sneak up behind them and attack with your gun.

Use the environment

Finally, you should learn to take advantage of the environments to your advantage. If you’re under heavy fire, you should behind some walls and try to find a way to escape. Take note of your hero’s escape skills as you can use it to get out of a sticky situation. Soldier:76 has his Sprint, Tracer has both her Recall and Dash, and Lucio has his Speed Boost + Amp It Up.

If your hero lacks evasion skills, like Mercy or Zenyatta, you have no choice but to eliminate your enemies. Similarly, you can also use things like jump pads to escape. However, make sure you don’t get spotted if you’re flinging yourself around the field. It’s always best to stay undercover and surprise unsuspecting foes since the map isn’t too big. Those who want to try the latest “Overwatch” arcade mode can download the game’s latest patch.