Overwatch” hero D.Va is one of the two heroes who has gotten a slight rework with her kit. In exchange for her defensive capabilities, she can deal more damage while flying. Similarly, she’s also gotten a new ability that fires missiles at an enemy. However, after testing it out on the PTR, D.Va has become a bit too strong, especially as she can land all her missiles on an enemy. Many players also believe that she should get her old Defense Matrix back as well. Blizzard has responded to these changes and it seems like she’s getting another tweak.

Defense Matrix improved

Previously, Blizzard drastically reduced the D.Va’s Defense Matrix running time, effectively only making it active for two seconds. However, in exchange for this, they’ve made the Korean tank hero much more powerful by letting her attack enemies while flying. Similarly, she’s also gotten a new ability called Micro Missiles which she can use with her Fusion Cannons and flight. D.Va effective became a more powerful tank, yet she lacked her original options when it came to defending her team. Aggressive players took this rework as a buff, while other D.Va players thought of it as a nerf.

However, Blizzard isn’t done tweaking her kit as the “Overwatch” principal designer, Geoff Goodman, took to the game’s official forums to share some changes.

While it isn’t anything too drastic, her Defense Matrix recharge rate has improved by 20 percent. This should make it easier for her to use the ability while still keeping in line with the two-second up time. This tweak should arrive in the “Overwatch” PTR tomorrow, so keep that in mind if you’re going to try it.

Mercy Changes

Moving on, Mercy has also gotten a slight rework to her kit. Her previous ultimate ability has now been bound as her second skill. She can now only rez one person within a limited range but on a 30-second cooldown. Her new ultimate, on the other hand, greatly amplifies her abilities as she can mass heal/damage boost allies that are within range.

The great feature that comes with her new ultimate is the power of flight as she can take to the skies and fly around the field with her wings. Moreover, the cooldown on her rez has been reduced from 30 seconds to 10, making it easier for her to revive dead targets. This slight rework should make it easier for Mercy players to stay engaged in the battle instead of hiding for a big rez. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can get a copy for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.