Overwatch” hero Mercy has just gotten a major rework that completely changes her play style. Previously, she would hide behind cover and wait for her team to die during major fights. Once they die, she would swoop in use her ultimate ability to bring everyone back to life at full health. Now, however, her ultimate ability has been changed while her rez is now limited to one person. This posed a problem to Achievement hunters as one way to get the Mercy spray is by reviving four characters at once.

Change on the PTR

Luckily, it seems like Blizzard has already prepared for this situation.

According to Redditor LookAtAllThisDirt, the developers have updated the requirements for her “Huge Rez” achievement. Instead of having to swoop in and resurrect four players at once, Mercy players must bring back a total of six characters from the dead without dying in quick or competitive play. Depending on your play style, it may be easier or tougher to earn the achievement.

If you aim to get the “Huge Rez” spray now, you would just need to hide behind cover and wait for your team to die. It’s a gamble to wait for four dead players on the field as not all games will allow you to bring back that amount of players. If you try to unlock it on the PTR, however, you should be darting back and forth while trying to bring back dead allies.

If combined with her new ultimate ability, Mercy should be able to bring back a maximum of four players.

New changes

For those unaware, “Overwatch” hero Mercy now relies more on her heals and damage boosts rather than hiding and acting as the “trump card” for her team. Her new second ability is now her Ressurect as she can now bring one player back from the dead.

The range has been limited to five meters, and she has also lost her invincibility while casting it.

Her new ultimate ability Valkyrie amplifies all of her functions. She can heal or damage boost a group of players, provided that they’re clumped together. Moreover, Mercy also flies faster during her Guardian Angel, and she can fly.

Her Resurrect ability’s cooldown has only been reduced to 10 seconds from the original 30. Overall, she just becomes a potent healer in general while having more options at her disposal. These changes should hit the “Overwatch” live servers soon, along with the D.Va rework. Those who want to play Blizzard’s first-person team shooter can grab a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned.