Avid gamers of “Pokemon Sun And Moon will soon be able to unlock the mythical Pokemon Marshadow. This will be made possible with a code that will be available at GameStop within the month of October.

When to get Marshadow

Players will be able to easily get the much coveted and mysterious level 50 Pokemon Marshadow in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” early next month. They simply need to drop by the local participating GameStop outlets starting October 9 up to October 23 and redeem a code that will unlock the pocket monster in the game.

How to unlock the mythical Pokemon

The veteran players of this Pokemon game already know the drill but for the uninitiated, they can follow the following steps below as provided by the Pokemon company on the game’s official website.

  • Choose Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  • Select receive gift, then select again get with code/password. Click yes and then yes again to connect to the internet.
  • Key in the password or code redeemable at GameStop
  • Wait until Marshadow is received.
  • Talk to the delivery man in any of the Pokemon Centers to pick up Marshadow
  • And lastly, remember to save the game.

Special abilities and moves

The level 50 Marshadow has the ability of Technician with Marshadium Z as a held item. Special moves of this Pokemon include Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, and Shadow Ball.

In addition, Marshadow is known as the only existing Fighting and Ghost type Pokemon that is offering an unexpected outcome to a battle. It turns green with its burning fighting spirit when launching an attack.

It is also ready for battle with its very own Spectral Thief attack that does not just bring damage but steals the stat boosts of its target at the same time.

Furthermore, this creature has special Z-Crystal Marshadium Z allowing itself to unleash its powerful Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trainer’s Dual Pack announced

In related news, Nintendo of America announced the Veteran Trainer’s Dual Pack for the series’ latest entries “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” via a Twitter post.

This special pack aims to attract the hardcore players of the newest Pokemon title set for release this November.

The dual pack contains the base game with additional items like 16 art cards featuring some legendary Solgaleo, Lunala, and others. It also includes a redeemable digital code to get 200 pokeballs from the beginning of one of the new games.

“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon” will be officially launched as a modified version of the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” this coming November 17 on Nintendo 3DS.