There is very little doubt that the voice actors who depict the beloved characters in "Overwatch" are getting quite the cult following. In some circles, these actors are even more popular than television or movie stars. Gaming has been getting bigger and bigger all over the world, thanks to online shooters like "Overwatch" that can be played on multiple formats and in multiple regions. Because of this, there are more and more gaming conferences that see these voice actors heralded as big-time stars, should they manage to make an appearance.

Once such gaming conference is scheduled to kick off in Kuwait this week and it was supposed to host several "Overwatch" voice actors including Matt Mercer.

Mercer is the man who voices the beloved outlaw of the group, McCree. Unfortunately, it turns out that Mercer is not going to be able to make his scheduled appearance at the gaming conference due to a physical ailment he's been dealing with for months. As a show of how much Mercer respects the fans of the game and his character, he filmed a short video explaining his absence and issuing an apology.

'Overwatch' character has Sciatic pain

In the video the "Overwatch" actor posted online, Mercer explains that he has been dealing with Sciatic pain for quite some time. It's gotten so bad recently that he has scheduled surgery to take care of the malady. In the meantime, traveling to a faraway place like Kuwait is simply out of the question.

Shortly after the video was posted online, Redditor Mrzablinx pointed out that Sciatic pain is something that radiates from the lower back through the buttocks and down each leg. This kind of pain is usually something that goes away on its own. The user pointed out that if the "Overwatch" actor needs surgery, this pain is quite a bit more severe than normal occurrences.

Mercer has missed other appointments

Other users on the Reddit thread pointed out that the "Overwatch" actor has missed a few other appointments over the last few weeks. There had been talk for quite a while now that he could barely stand to leave his house. It appears Mercer is finally getting the treatment he's needed for quite a while.

While gamers in Kuwait are likely going to be quite disappointed that Mercer won't be joining them at the conference, he clearly has a reason for skipping out. One can hope that the "Overwatch" voice actor will be able to come back good as new and help McCree make some appearances in the near future.