The official release of “Ghost War” in “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands” is slated for autumn. Prior to launch, Ubisoft will let the players test the latest PvP mode in an Open Beta later this week.

The game publisher announced the Open Beta will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms from September 21 to September 25. A preload of the stand-alone open beta will be available beginning September 19 for players who already own the base game. Also, new players who have yet to purchase “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands can preload the beta on the same date.

Ghost War preview and trailers

Ahead of the Open Beta, Ubisoft offered a short glimpse at the new features fans can expect from the upcoming PvP mode. Take a look at the stunning “Ghost War” trailer below.

This new PvP mode will see two teams of players battle in a four-versus-four (4v4) deathmatch experience. This builds on the tactical squad play from the title in which strategy plays as a crucial skill.

Each team will have different classes of the three categories: Assault, Marksman, and Support. All these three classes carry out their special roles on the battlefield as they traverse vast open maps to eliminate enemies. Here is also a closer look at the "Ghost War" classes: Sniper, Scout, and Pointman.

Fans will also see the addition of new PvP mechanics, suppressing fire and sound markers for a realistic military-strategic and team-based multiplayer mode.

Open Beta content

The Open Beta will allow players to try out six out of the 12 unique classes and each of this class is equipped with special characters, a variety of weapons, perks and some customization options. They can also explore five out of the eight distinct maps while testing the beta version.

Twitch live stream

Moreover, Ubisoft invites all players to tune in for additional information from the development team about "Ghost War" and the PvP Open Beta.

A live stream is set on September 19 at 5:00 p.m. UK time or September 20 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time on Ubisoft Twitch Channel.

The new “Ghost War” mode does not have an official release date as of yet but it will arrive sometime in the fall season.

“Ghost Recon: Wildlands” was developed using Anvil engine by Ubisoft Paris and Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft.

The tactical shooter video game was launched in March this year on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC. It is touted as one of the best-selling games of 2017, with more than two million copies sold worldwide as of July this year.