The “Not a Hero” DLC will arrive in Resident Evil 7 in three months but interestingly, a new leak emerged online and revealed the content prior to launch. The leaked information suggests that the DLC narrative will be directly linked to the events of "Resident Evil 8".

Several months after its decision to push back the release of the “Not a Hero” DLC in spring, the acclaimed game developer announced last week that it will finally arrive on December 12 free to all players as Capcom's way to make up for the delay.

Apart from an official release date, Capcom also offered fans a few details about what to expect from the incoming DLC.

The studio said that players will see the return of one of the original protagonists in the series, Chris Redfield. As Ethan Winters finds his way out of the Baker’s Mansion, Chris will be entering the horrifying caverns of the manor and fight the unknown enemies.

New leak reveals more

The new leak, however, spoils some more of the secret story in “Not a Hero” DLC. Based on the leaker’s post on Reddit, Chris Redfield appears right at the end of the main story. The DLC narrative takes place immediately after the ending of the main campaign and players will again see Ethan Winters who reappears in the introduction.

Chris Redfield together with the Umbrella troops will hunt down Lucas Baker, the son of the Baker Family.

Along the way, they will encounter the “White Molded,” a new enemy type that can spurt toxic gas. But the most notable and important information about the leak is how the “Not a Hero” DLC will be directly linked to the events of the next title, “Resident Evil 8.”

Gold Edition pre-order

Meanwhile, the pre-order of the Gold Edition of "Resident Evil 7" is available now on Amazon, although, the package is not posted yet.

Priced at $49.99, the special edition will contain all the DLC packs post-launch as it releases on December 12.

The paid DLC titled “End of Zoe” will also arrive on the same date. This content pack will allow players to discover Zoe’s fate in the Biohazard saga and fight new enemies as they explore swamp-filled areas.

Meanwhile, Capcom already confirmed its official lineup for the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017 happening this week.

Among the notable upcoming games to appear in the Asia's biggest gaming convention are "Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite," "Monster Hunter World," and re-releases of "Resident Evil" games on Nintendo Switch.

Launched in February 2017, “Resident Evil 7” is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms.