Overwatch” has been dominating gaming news since Blizzard Entertainment released Season 6 Competitive Play. The new season brings a whole new set of changes, which makes the game more exciting. One of the biggest changes to Season 6 is that it will only last for two months instead of the usual three. It means that Season 6 will end on October 31.

According to a report by HeroesNeverDie, players can be demoted in Season 6 Competitive Play if they do not maintain their rankings. “Overwatch” players that are currently in the Platinum, Gold and Silver ranks can be demoted if the minimum requirement of skill rating is not maintained.

The player’s last five matches will determine whether they will be demoted or not.

In “Overwatch” Competitive Play Season 6, Express UK pointed out that "skill decay won't be quite so severe." Players will only need to play five games a week to avoid decay and players will only be able to unlock Competitive Play if they reach level 25. After reaching the required level, players will have to undergo ten placement matches. The placement matches will determine the tiers based on the accumulated skill rating.

What are the disadvantages of being a high-level player?

The disadvantage for high-level players is that they have to wait a little longer to find games because the new system tries to balance teams accurately.

According to SlingShot Esports, top tier players in Diamond, Master, and Grand Master, will experience skill rating decay but there is more room to prevent it. Players should take note that the daily decay rating for those who cannot play competitive games can be decreased from 50 to 25.

Players can achieve rewards and competitive points in “Overwatch” Season 6 if they are at a higher rank or level.

The competitive points can be used to purchase Golden Weapons. Blizzard also changed how control maps work in the game.

Characters have been nerfed

Players also noticed some character changes, especially to Doomfist. There is still no official confirmation whether it is a nerf or just a bug. Players claim that Doomfist’s Rocket Punch has been changed.

The ability usually travels around 20 meters, but it has been changed to 15 meters. The Rocket Punch is one of Doomfist's deadly attacks. Some gamers say that the Rocket Punch has an irregular travel speed and range, so it might only be a bug. If this is the case then hopefully, Blizzard Entertainment will fix it soon.