Blizzard Entertainment’s Season 5 Competitive Play event for “Overwatch” has been a huge success. The official end date for Season 5 is August 28 at 5 p.m. PT. For UK players, it will end on August 29 at 11 a.m. BST. There is less than 24 hours to take advantage of the Summer Game’s amazing features, including the new Lucioball map, skins, victory poses, voice lines, sprays, and highlight intros.

Blizzard Entertainment will be launching the “OverwatchSeason 6 competitive play soon. According to a report from GameRant, there will be a lot of changes on the upcoming season, which includes the competitive points system, required skill ratings, and ranking system.

What are the major changes on the upcoming Season 6

Players that are in Platinum, Gold and Silver levels can be demoted in the sixth competitive season. The system will take note of the player’s tier and skill rating every time they lose. Players will get demoted if they cannot maintain the minimum requirement of skill rating to stay in a certain rank. If the player has low skill rating for the last five matches, they will be demoted, although it won't happen after a win. The developer is also changing the way control maps work.

Blizzard is also addressing the issue some players have with the skill decay and skill placement. In Season 6, “Overwatch” players only need to play a minimum of five games per week at diamond tier and above to control the decay.

If players haven’t met the requirements, 25 skill rating points will be deducted instead of the usual 50. “Overwatch” Season 6 is set to launch on August 31.

Hero skills have been nerfed?

Blizzard has been regularly updating “Overwatch” to maintain in-game balance. Players are already used to the regular updates, but some of the in-game changes are unannounced or not included on the game’s patch notes.

According to Dot Esports, Doomfist’s aerial Rocket Punch ability has been nerfed. It is one of Doomfists deadly attacks, and Blizzard might be having a hard time to get it right.

Several “Overwatch” players in the game’s PTR (Public Test Region) noticed the changes on Doomfist. The Rocket Punch usually travels around 20 meters, but the nerf changed it to 15 meters.

Some players also claim that it is not an official nerf, and it might just be a bug, because the Rocket Punch range changes from time to time. The travel speed of the ability Rocket Punch is also irregular. The 1.15 Patch notes that were released recently only listed adjustments to the heroes D.Va and Mercy.